Othello Learning and Research App

Study Othello effectively!

ReversiLab is an app for learning and studying Othello Reversi with the strongest level of Othello engine.

Easy to use

The key to improving in Othello is to learn the joseki. ReversiLab makes it easy to save and select joseki and kifu of Othello. Joseki are automatically categorized, so you can easily find and practice the joseki you want to practice.

Back to back analysis function

Would you like to know what was wrong with your Othello as a result of playing against it? ReversiLab can analyze the current Othello game from the back and show you the graph of evaluation results.

Show hints

You can view the current rating, best move and book of Othello. You can see how many moves you played and how many you lost or made the best move. You can make the next move that was a loss by learning the best move.

Let's analyze the results of Othello's evaluation

If you analyze Othello game from the back, you can see the graph of evaluation results and the following functions and displays.

  • Display the evaluation results as a black number
  • Display the evaluation results as a white number
  • Display evaluation results with black and white numbers separately
  • Check boxes to focus only on bad moves.

Click the Show as Black button if you hit black. There is also a feature that shows bad moves in red and transitions to bad moves only, making it easier to recognize problematic moves.

Learning Mode and Practice Mode

The trick to improving in Othello is to learn the wrong moves. ReversiLab's set in stone features include a learning mode and a practice mode.

In learn mode, you can memorize only your turn in the joseki you saved. Your opponent's move will be played automatically. This allows you to learn more efficiently.

In practice mode, you don't need to learn your opponent's move since the program automatically plays your opponent's move. If you hit the joseki without a single mistake, a perfect score will be shown and it will be recorded as a practice count.

Every practice of Othello will be recorded.

Everything you practice in Othello is recorded. The number of times you have practiced joseki and the number of answers to practice questions are all recorded, so you can use it as a motivator. Connected.

  • Number of regular practice sessions
  • Number of answers to practice questions
  • View by hour, day, week and month

Various storage features

You can save the current state of Othello joseki, Othello game record, or as an exercise.

You can also save game records you want to review, memorize moves as joseki, and avoid mistakes in the middle/last board as practice problems.

  • You can retrieve saved joseki and game records from side menu
  • The exercises analyze and save the best procedures
  • Some apps, such as Othello Quest, will automatically enter your opponent's name.

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